The System

Works on Windows, Mac or Mobile devices
Web-based so you can access your software from any computer in the world
No Installation required
Host Database locally or in the Cloud


Easy to use, extremely powerful
Translate to any language
Flexible and changeable views and layouts
Proactive approach that pushes actions to you and your staff


Custom views and user levels access
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track Dealer performance
Multiple reports and interactive graphs/charts to grow your business
Avoid multiple occurrences of data, eliminate duplicate entries.


Track your Inventory
Stock management notifications
Generate and submit CRF/ICL reporting forms for your sales


Track performance of Public Exhibits and Target Marketing by location
Track promotions, matrix results, referral gifts and contests
Create and track goals for the office, groups and individuals
Dealers can check in and out of demos on their mobile devices

Telemarketing & Customers

Schedule callbacks to leads and customers so you never miss a call
Easily reschedule appointments and monitor pending reschedules
Track all communication with customers for effective follow-up
Control and monitor telemarketing call campaigns
Quickly add and verify addresses through Google Maps
Customers will be able to log in and see what is happening with their leads
Quickly arrange Open House date and time with a follow-up confirmation


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